Business Address:  1126 East 33rd Street Erie PA 16504

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May 25th 2019  3PM - 9PM

Fallen Soldiers Picnic

Mission Statement

The Fallen Soldiers Picnic is our county’s only Memorial Day Event which honors those from our community who have paid the ultimate price for our Freedom. As the Fallen Soldiers Picnic, we honor heroes from our community who were killed in action during OIF/OEF and after 2003. We also honor those from our community who have lost their battle with PTSD as a result of their service.

In 2011, family and friends of fallen soldier Sgt. Donald Oaks, KIA in 2003, started a community-wide event to honor the soldiers from our community who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. In 2012, we took on the official name of The Fallen Soldiers Picnic and defined a threefold mission: Honoring the Fallen, Honoring the Families of the Fallen and Honoring all of our brave Warriors, past and present. Our event now honors several other fallen Heroes from our community: Cpl Jarrid King (KIA 2011), Staff Sgt Kenneth Van Giesen (KIA 2011), Sr. Airman Bryan Bell (KIA 2012), SSgt Jeremy Horton (KIA 2004), SSgt Eric Groenendaal (2010) and Spc. Daniel Firestone (2014), the latter three having lost their battle here at home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Fallen Soldiers Picnic also provides an opportunity for our community and our Veterans to bond together. We gather together to listen to local bands, participate in a Memorial Service and enjoy food, drink, and activities on a holiday rich in tradition and founded to foster an appreciation for all that has been given for our freedoms. It is a celebration of life and an opportunity for us to facilitate understanding and continue to create a community rich in our values as Americans. The Fallen Soldiers Picnic is an event like none other where our Veterans and Military, community and community leaders can come together to celebrate the Freedom, Service, and Pride that we all have for those who have sacrificed so much for our country.